Treatment and hope for Autism

ABA is short for Applied Behavioral Analysis, and it is often described as the “gold standard” for autism treatment, but it is not limited to helping only people with autism. ABA uses the principles of science to elicit behavior change that is negatively impacting a person’s life. ABA is for anyone who wants to change their behavior.

ABA therapy will address the developmental deficiencies identified during an initial assessment of your child’s functioning across dozens of areas. With children on the autism spectrum, this often includes areas of verbal communication, like the ability to converse with parents and peers, request items, and communicate emotions and needs. Nonverbal communication, like making gestures and understanding social cues, can also be developed.

Other important target areas of ABA include social skills, play skills, self-care skills (brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.), and day-to-day living skills (getting dressed, table manners, etc.).

The Granato Group supports your whole family

Social Skills

Direct or explicit instruction and “teachable moments” with practice in realistic settings

Self-Care Skills

We help patients overcome challenges related to sensory differences to achieve new levels of independence

Day-to-Day Living

Whether it’s getting dressed or table manners, or more complex areas of life, we help your child get to their next level

ABA Therapy for Autism

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