Barbara Lavine, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Works with: Children, Families, Parents, Couples, Individuals, Groups
Specializes in Pediatrics, Play Therapy, Children and Families, and Parent sessions. Experience with Anxiety, Depression, ASD, Social Skills Impairments, Anger Management/Emotion Regulation, School related concerns, Self-esteem, Transitions, Step-Parenting, Grief & Loss, and Pediatrician referrals.

Barbara is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 25 years of experience as a school counselor working primarily with children four to 13 years of age and their families, and with the professionals such as teachers and school counselors and psychologists who support the children. Barbara earned her BA from Michigan State University, her post graduate certificate in counseling from George Washington University in 2010, and received a Master’s Degree in Counseling from George Washington University in 1986. She has worked extensively with children, their families, and school staff, (100) and has experience working with adults through an employee assistance program in the public school system as well. She also supervises providers who are going through residency.

She uses a variety of approaches in counseling including: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), CBT is a time-sensitive, goal- directed approach directed toward solving current problems by changing unhelpful thinking and behavior patterns to improve behavior, mood, and functioning. Solution Focused Therapy is a short term therapy which builds on successes with an emphasis on solutions rather than problems, Play therapy with children, and some approaches from Client Centered Therapy. She has seen clients individually and in groups, has been past president of the (200) Virginia Association of Specialists in Group Work and is a current board member. She is currently a member of the Virginia Counselors Association, VCA, and NVLPC, and Northern Virginia Licensed Professional Counselors.

The counseling issues she has successfully worked with are anxiety and stress management, ADHD, school-related challenges, interpersonal and friendship relations, social skills, adjustment problems, and grief. In her counseling practice she works collaboratively with parents/guardians and their children, their schools, and with other supporting professionals. She finds that it is this joint effort that produces the most successful outcomes.

Barbara is a parent who enjoys outdoor activities, exercise, reading, and music. She loves working with children, preteens, and educational professionals, and feels strongly that her clients can develop effective and pro-social strategies of dealing with their challenges to live more satisfying and successful lives!

Clinical Approaches: Play Therapy, Mindfulness, CBT, Solution Focused, Client Focused
Degree: M.A., Michigan State University, George Washington University

“I feel strongly that through the counseling relationship one can learn strategies and life skills to deal with life’s challenges.” ~Barbara Lavine