We are growing rapidly but thoughtfully and are seeking providers who have a deep commitment to growing long-term relationships with patients and who thrive in a space where they can provide excellent care.

Psychologists and counselors know that support systems are important. This is as true for your personal life as it is for your professional life. That’s why so many psychologists and counselors choose to join Granato Group. With benefits such as internal education opportunities, networking events, and a team that delves into the latest ideas and research, we support our team thoroughly. 

At Granato Group, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. Our unique business model sets us apart—positioning us as a leading referral destination for the region’s top employers and organizations.

Current Openings

 Impactful Team
Caring is our core value and we seek clinicians who truly connect with and deliver great care to each patient. We work hard to provide an outstanding office experience and to partner with you to give every patient the care that they need.

 Quality Client Care
We take care of all: HIPAA, IT, billing, insurance, scheduling, assessment materials, EHR, vacation coverage and marketing, etc.. We are your support structure for you to do what you do best – treat clients.

 Resources for Your Success
We are in this together and provide internal education opportunities, networking activities, and regularly delve into the latest ideas and research, to provide you with support and knowledge throughout your career growth path.


We recognize that a thriving practice starts with focused and caring providers who instill confidence and trust in their clients.  We strive to create and foster a friendly, low-stress work environment with flexible schedules, technology systems, and streamlined administrative functions.  We empower our clinicians with support, tools, and generous benefits so they can focus on what really matters—client care.


Fair, consistent, and reliable compensation is an important consideration when deciding on a practice. Granato Group offers a generous compensation structure that eliminates confusion or uncertainty when it comes to paying our providers.  Our technology helps keep our provider income more consistent by automatically filling openings in schedules or cancellations. Granato Group accepts all major insurance plans, however, our providers are paid even if a claim is denied. Granato Group also handles all collections efforts on behalf of our providers.


We all have unique demands in our lives, and Granato Group understands that not all service providers can adapt to the same business practices, or keep the same hours. Our telehealth platform allows us to offer a totally flexible work schedule, whether you conduct in-person appointments or online. This allows us to offer unparalleled accessibility and convenience to both our providers and our clients.  We also offer our counselors the flexibility to work as an independent contractor, or an employee.


Granato Group utilizes the latest in front- and back-office technology to serve our providers and our clients. For our providers, our digital systems allow for easy scheduling and an accurate and timely billing process. For clients, our technology helps streamline the client registration and check-in process with digital kiosks in the office, and we provide clear instructions and one-click email invitations to our HIPAA-compliant telehealth sessions. We also offer our clients convenient ways to pay their bill online.

Client Engagement

Our online patient portal provides secure one-to-one messaging, enabling our providers to always keep an open channel of communication. Our scheduling and booking platform automatically sends patient appointment reminders via email and/or text message, depending on client preference. Our system also allows our clients to offer feedback and reviews at the completion of each session.

Mentorship & Career Development

Granato Group offers entry-level counselors an opportunity to learn under the guidance and leadership of the field’s most experienced mental health professionals. More experienced clinicians have the opportunity to advance their careers by supervising others and leading practice areas. We also offer career planning, specialty training, professional development, and consulting opportunities to qualified clinicians.


Granato Group takes the hassle of finding new clients off your plate. We maintain a dedicated cross-channel marketing team, keeping our current clients and patients apprised of our available services, while also reaching new potential clients to ensure a steady flow leads to keep our providers’ schedules full.

Benefit Highlights

Granato Group takes care of the details so our providers can focus on client care.  We also provide a generous benefits package that includes:

  • Competitive Compensation
  • Friendly, Caring Work Environment
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan
  • Industry-leading Technology Systems
  • Flexible Schedules
  • HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth Capabilities
  • Professional Development Opportunities