Executive Therapy

Special challenges can befall those in the public eye or positions of power.  We help executives overcome burnout, barriers to life balance, business and personal relationships, and overall satisfaction with life. Life for executives can be particularly stressful because of the intense pressures that they feel to make the teams succeed; their accountability to senior leadership and employees; and the potentially profound consequences of the decisions they make.

Supporting Leaders

We work with both rising and seasoned executives to resolve the underlying issues of their particular form of executive stress, by first identifying underlying root causes, and then by identifying new ways to manage at work and at home, to increase their effectiveness, and help them to achieve greater happiness and satisfaction.


Recent research shows  the efficacy of specific burnout prevention and treatment measures on both the personal and organizational level.


Officers and leaders in transition face unique pressures that can be best navigated with professional support and at times, therapy is required.


Change management and the day to day pressures in executive life require self-awareness, emotional intelligence and professional support for growth.

Counseling and coaching services for professionals and corporations.

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