Participants in group therapy benefit from the mutual support and learning that occurs from interaction with others who have shared experiences. We offer a variety of therapeutic and educational groups on a regular basis and start new groups when needs arise.

Groups we offer

Mindfulness Group Therapy

This group offers education in mindfulness concepts to encourage emotional balance and stress reduction with separate sessions for children, teens and adults.

Women’s Support Group

Support Group for Women age 40+ seeking to live a life of purpose and joy. A friendly, caring group of women and clinical expert leader who will walk alongside you can make all the difference.

Couples Support Groups

These weekly groups are for couples. Get the practical support, tools and insights you need for a strong, lasting relationship with your partner.

Digital Addiction for Teens

Teens often overuse and may become addicted to the Internet, Video Games, or Social Media. This group is designed to help you gain control of impulses and develop a healthy relationship with technology.

Bipolar Support Group

This group offers support for individuals diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. The group is designed to assist adults to actively dealing with the complexities of the disorder in the workplace as well as in their personal lives.

Support group for Caregivers of Children with Chronic Illness

Support Group for Caregivers of Children with Chronic Illnesses. The group is designed to help participants learn and use stress-reduction techniques, to cope with the stresses of a diagnosis and to adjust to life as a caregiver.


This weekly group is for men and women in the Fairfax Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP), a program that uses community and state services to address issues related to alcohol or other drug use.

ADD/ADHD Support Group

This group is designed to help students with Attention Deficit develop the necessary tools to be integrated and thrive across social, recreational, academic and family contexts.


Contact our office at 703-831-8300 or email to register for one of our therapy groups.


The following groups are currently wait-listed. If you’d like to participate in any of these, please select the ones you’re interested in and we’ll reach back to you with availability.

Divorce Support Group
Imago Therapy for Couples
Other (please specify)

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