Kelly DeMarce

Reiki Master / Certified Hypnotherapist

Specializes in Anxiety Disorders, Stress, Behavior & Habit Change, Depression, Phobias, and Pain Management.

After graduating with a B.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling, Kelly moved to England in 1996 and began studies in holistic therapies and complementary medicine. Kelly started coursework to become a hypnotherapist in London and completed the certification program through the National Guild of Hypnotists once she returned to the US in 2001. Her interest in energy medicine guided her to Reiki and she became a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2001 and a Reiki Master Teacher in 2005.

Kelly works with clients using a combination of conversation, teaching, hypnosis and energy healing. Her specialties include anxiety disorders, stress, behavior and habit change, depression, phobias and pain management. She also works with children as young as 6 and has had wonderful results addressing childhood anxiety, enuresis/encopresis and helping children adapt to change.

She has lived in Reston since 2001 and loves the community, diversity and beautiful nature.

Degree: B.S in Rehabilitation Counseling, MCV.