Mental health and therapy practices are typically considered to be services that are delivered in person, in a face-to-face setting, however, shifts in health care and telemedicine are making online therapists and online therapy a more common and effective practice.

Benefits of Online Counseling and Therapy

There are many key benefits to having counseling sessions and therapy online from qualified professional therapists.  Through live video chat and video conferencing, patients can receive treatment and therapy on par with services that they would receive in an office setting with the convenience of not having to leave home.  This saves patients time and money while allowing them to focus on improving their health and well-being.  Modern video conferencing services often are HIPAA compliant and are used by licensed therapists and other mental health practitioners with confidence.

Online therapy can be delivered through a computer, or even through video chat on a smartphone, making it accessible to a wide range of patients.  Traditional therapy can be augmented by online therapy as well.

Many insurance companies provide similar levels of coverage for telehealth which includes online counseling and online therapy.

About Granato Group’s Services

Many other online therapy services rely heavily on texting through a mobile app and provide a more limited scope of services compared to the Granato Group which provides person to person therapy sessions and mental health services which are delivered both online and in-person.  Granato Group’s mental health professionals consist of board-certified and licensed therapists, as well as psychiatrists, licensed social workers, and other key mental health professionals.   Granato Group always ensures privacy of its patients and meets all relevant HIPAA regulations.