Family or school struggles. Emotional and behavioral problems. Trauma and even abuse. These challenges and so many more face countless families each day. Our team of providers understand the unique needs of children and adolescents in therapy, and employ a warm and inviting approach that places young clients at ease.

Pediatric Counseling Services

When a child is struggling, or a behavior worries you, a professional can help provide the help and sustainable solutions that your family needs. If you’ve determined that your child’s behaviors, thoughts, or emotions might call for attention, your next move is to schedule an appointment and begin the path to health.

Assessments and Testing

Assessment can provide better understanding of the cognitive, social or emotional challenges a child may be experiencing.


Evaluations help to identify delays in development as well as strengths; diagnose developmental disabilities, make recommendations for intervention; and determine eligibility for additional services.


Evaluations are used to identify specific emotional and behavioral problems which may be interfering with a child’s social, academic or family functioning, and includes issues such as anxiety, depression, conflicts with authority figures or problems with anger management.


Evaluations integrate neuropsychological testing with educational assessment. They include diagnostic assessment for treatment and educational planning, including documentation of accommodation needs for independent schools and private school testing.