Therapy Dog

Works with: Children, Families, Seniors, People with Disabilities, Anyone with Additional Needs
Specializes in: Caring

Rocket is a certified Caring Angel therapy dog, and his mission is to provide service, therapy, and comfort.

Therapy dogs are pets that excel as therapeutic agents. Dogs, in particular, love nearly everyone and can help patients in many ways, including by providing companionship, a source of touch and attention, lowering stress, and helping facilitate healing.

These professional animals are often intuitive and compassionate – and a lot of fun to be around. Research has also shown that therapy dogs can help reduce blood pressure, provide emotional and physical support, and help alleviate the symptoms of depression.

In the words of Dr. Edward Creagan, an oncologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, “Animals are embedded in the soul of our humanity.”

Rocket is a highly trained professional! And he’s part of Granato Group’s commitment to helping people feel better. Rocket, is a friend to everyone!

Clinical Approaches: Presence, Comfort, Caring, Empathy
Degree: K-9 Caring Angel, Advanced Canine Good Citizen