Family therapy can be a great way to strengthen family bonds, work through difficult issues between family members, and help the mental health of everybody in a family system.  Family is incredibly important to us – as a unit, families can work together.  Whether family members are blood-related relatives, adopted relatives, a foster family, or some other type of family system, our family influences our lives in a large number of different ways.  Our interaction with family at a young age shapes how we build relationships and how we interact with others – in a healthy family, learning about health relationships early on is more likely than in a family where people struggle to connect with one another.  However, in any family, relationships and family structures can be changed – they are not set in stone!  Family therapists can help understand how a family system is functioning, and how family relationships can be improved, strengthened, or further developed.  Similarly, couples counseling can help couples move beyond challenges or problems, or can simply help couples to strengthen their bonds and improve intimacy.

Is Family Therapy or Family Counseling Right for my Family?

A family does not need to have problems to benefit from working with mental health professionals such as family therapists.  Even in the healthiest families, there is room for improvement, and a third-party providing an objective, outside point of view can be important for growth and development.  Therapy sessions can help to understand an individual’s relationship in context of the family, can help to identify behavioral problems that may be overlooked, and can help family problems that may be impacting one individual or the entire family come to light and be addressed.  Family therapy works for large families, but also couples can benefit from couples therapy – a subset of family therapy.  So whether in a highly functioning health family, a relationship between two people, or a family with serious underlying problems or dysfunctions, marriage and family therapists can be incredibly helpful.

How Can We Help?

At The Granato Group, we offer both couples counseling, as well as family counseling.  You can contact us to set up an appointment to improve relationships with your loved ones.